Organic Emporium

Welcome to the organic emporium of Sensual and Seductive.

Stay tuned to appreciate even more organic, handmade and environmentally friendly products coming to our store very soon!


The Organic Emporium is a purpose built marketplace to display and sell products from boutique stores, focusing on those who design and manufacture products with consideration to the environment, and minimising any potential harm in the manufacturing and shipping processes.

We as retailers in the Adult Toy Industry are not ignorant to the impact some of the products, packaging and manufacturing processes involved in making and distributing adult toys and products has on the environment. And let's be realistic, at this stage we cannot force the industry to completely change it's processes. But we can offer alternatives such as the products in the Emporium, and furthermore work with any of our suppliers who are willing to come on board and reduce our overall footprint on the environment.

Why we created the Sensual and Seductive Organic Emporium

The Organic Emporium is a place for opportunity.

  • An opportunity for small businesses to combine their adult crafts and natural products for them to be found easily in one place.
  • An opportunity for consumers to easily find adult related organic, hand crafted and environmentally conscious products.
  • An opportunity for Sensual and Seductive, our customers and our suppliers to remain aware of our impact and work as a community towards reducing our footprint on the environment.