For You

We appreciate you, we respect you, and we would embrace you (with consent) at any given opportunity.

We understand that everyone is, and has a right to be different, and we appreciate that some labels can feel offensive or non-conclusive. Furthermore we realise that we cannot remove all labels as this would be otherwise unfair to those that do identify as included within said labels.

So we have made this zone just FOR YOU or more-so for everyone.

So in this area:

  • Gender based headings - NO
  • Sexuality based headings - YES
  • Anatomical based headings - YES
  • Kink and Fetish related headings – YES
  • Product defining headings – YES

Our aim is not to completely combine everything into one category of adult products as it would be extremely hard to categorise thousands of products in a way that everyone could find them easily.

Rather we have created an inclusive segregation, just like finding the bread at the entrance to a supermarket; you can find the sauces somewhere in the middle aisles and the cold produce at the other end.

We’ve just streamlined the process of everyone being able to find what they want in a comfortable way.

So there will be no feeling uncomfortable for ANYONE. We can all just get in and get the shopping done and enjoy the dessert after dinner!

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