About Us

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Sensual and Seductive are an Australian owned and operated business, who believe in strong customer service, quality products and value for money.


We believe sex should be fun

Sometimes it can be monotonous, or hard to find time to be together, but by adding some of our products into the mix, you can spice it up again!


www.sensualandseductive.com - WE DON'T JUDGE!

Your sexuality is simply that... YOURS! It doesn't matter what your sexual preference, personal identity, race, beliefs or background are, you should enjoy a comfortable unbiased shopping experience wherever you go! So at Sensual and Seductive we have worked tirelessly to create a platform that shouldn't offend. Whether you identify within the LGBTQIA community or are heterosexual with a fetish or kink, we appreciate you for who you are and what you deserve to enjoy!


We understand that everyone is different

Therefore we have created our site in such a way that if you don't wish to see identifying label's you can simply navigate to a different location within the site that feels more comfortable and customised for an exciting and rewarding experience FOR YOU!


Pleasure sometimes requires discretion

Not everyone needs to know your business and therefore all of our orders are sent in discrete plain packaging for your convenience. And of course we want you to know about the latest deals and bargains, but we don't want to fill your email full of unnecessary spam advertising. We want to keep you as a return customers so keep an eye out for our monthly specials which won't shock your co-workers or break your email data allowance!


It's time to decide how adventurous you want to be!

So head to our homepage now and navigate to your preferred categories and choose and use the adult toys and products to express yourself the best, on your own or with a partner. 


We strongly recommend that you wash all products with soapy water or one of our Sex Toy Cleaners before their first use, and after every use to minimise bacteria. If sharing toys we also suggest using a condom to prevent STDs.

We value customer feedback as part of providing you with excellent customer service. You can contact us at sales@sensualandseductive.com or visit the contact us page.


Address: Po Box 249, Mt. Ommaney, qld, 4074